A vibrant and utterly contemporary synthesis of post-modern jazz, Egyptology, and Black Awareness.

- All About Jazz

“This is music with gravity, seriousness of purpose, and real emotional power—through collective improvisation, these men aim for inspiration and uplift, and they get there.”

- Burning Ambulance

“Improvisational Magic.”

- Utne Reader

Almost fiercely spiritual”

- Jazz Da Gama

“An emotional recording of passion…fill with ‘what ifs’ but intriguing while it stands up on its own.”

- Jazzweekly.com

“Wilson and Stafford tackle the originals with relish…Wilson delivers on all fronts and the clarity of Terrell’s horn is a joy.”

- UK Jazz Journal

As close to being a flawless mainstream jazz album in this age as you can get.”

- SomethingElseReviews

Melds attitude, a serious backbeat and a hopeful message (an alternative to the mindless rage of much modern rap music) across all nine tracks.”

- Downbeat

One of the best jazz performances of 2014…”

- Improvijazzation Nation

The spirituality and raw emotion of the individual and group performances smooths over sub genre descriptions and crafts a body of work that manages to be both accessible and challenging for the average jazz listener.”

- Jazz Columbus

“So unpredictable and yet so interesting.”

- Mos Eisley Music

I admit to unfamiliarity with rap and to a predisposition not to like it. If this is representative of the genre, which I doubt, it is more appealing than I expected.”

- Cashbox Magazine

“One of the year’s best jazz records.”

- Point of Departure

“Music that touches on the issues of life.”

- The Celebrity Café

“A stunning success.”

- LucidCulture

“Fascinating, entertaining, provoking.”

- Blogcritics.com

“An excellent tribute to a lost talent…never cliché.”

- Pittsburgh Tribune

“If this is a sign of the harmony that can exist between two nations that were once fierce rivals, we need to introduce jazz in North Korea, Afghanistan etc.!”

- O’s Notes

“Something Trane would have found worthy…”

- Jazzscene

“Will stay on the playlist forever…jazz that will last through the eons.”

- Improvijazzation Nation

““A five-song album that has blown my mind.”

- MuzikReviews.com

“Music must evolve to survive. Meet the future…Stellar.”

- CriticalJazz.com

“Jazz of the very highest order.”

- Audiophile Audition

“A masterpiece of a recording.”

- All About Jazz

“Potter has seldom sounded so passionate.”

- Jazzwise

“You don’t have to know the haunting back story of this CD to be moved by its emotional power…One of the top 10 Innovative CD Releases of the year.”

- Chicago Tribune

“A no-nonsense vibe…One can’t argue against the music’s biting emotional and artistic clarity”

- DownBeat

“You don’t have to know the haunting back story of this CD to be moved by its emotional power…One of the top 10 Innovative CD Releases of the year.

- Chicago Tribune

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