Inarhyme Giving

Inarhyme was founded and its foundation solidified in the spirit of a “giving back” or “paying it forward” mentality, realizing that with sweeping changes in the music industry, tougher roads await aspiring and working professionals as well as audiences. Whether it be our actions to advocate for the Arts, involvement with organizations such as Jail Guitar Doors(providing rehabilitation through music to prison inmates) and VH1 Save the Music(starting needed music programs and instruments in schools), dedicated trusts and partnerships, or pro bono artist and educational services for non-profits or individuals or groups in need, we believe that music is more than a vocation or form of entertainment. It is a gift to be shared, felt, and embraced and an indispensable part of the human experience.

If you would like more information on our Giving Program, its possibilities, or if you’d like to propose or brainstorm on a project that could make our world a better place through music, email us at

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