Educational Services and Outreach

Overseen by multiple, consecutive Downbeat award-winning educator Dr. Keith Javors, Educational Servicesand Outreach is the education arm of Inarhyme. We offer a variety of informational and instructional services ranging from clinic and master class presentations to private lessons (live and distance-learning on Skype) from many of the esteemed musicians on our roster. Recipients range from singular individuals and large organizations and groups of all ages and interests.

Regardless whether the setting is formal or informal, large or small, live or by internet, the quality of presentation offered by our constituents is always world-class, built on a foundation on both intensive study and real world experience, and each has a good knowledge of the pedagogical process. Our instruction consistently encompasses the positivity that Inarhyme embodies as a company as summarized in our informal educational motto: “Work hard and be a good person”.

Our offerings are, by design, customized to exactly what your needs and goals are, and so no two approached are exactly alike. Prior to the session or lesson, in-depth discussion will be given to exactly what it is that the client wants or needs, and our own recommendations for achieving this. An action plan is then established and then the experience carried out with measurable goals.

If you’re interested in more information of our Educational Services and Outreach Program and our affiliated artists, email us at

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