Production, Promotion, and Artist Development

While the way the music sounds remains of paramount importance, it’s important to remember that the music business is exactly that; a business. It’s no secret in the industry that producing music is not the only thing Inarhyme does well; Our production and promotional efforts and attention to the details of superb aesthetics come part in parcel with our work.

Inarhyme has extended its reach to include complete 360-degree production and promotional services to both aspiring artists and career professionals, just as our featured artists receive.

It’s only natural if your audience and industry presence, approach, and outreach may not be equaled by your physical and verbal (perceptual) representation. After all, you don’t work for a PR firm or record label. If you or your band fits this scenario, then we are precisely who you’re looking for. Loose production standards or poorly-constructed and unimaginative marketing materials do little tofurther your success and, in most cases, actually detract from it. As the cliché goes, sometimes nothing is better than something.

Some of the bundled and a la carte services we offer are:

Consultation Services
Short and Long-form Bios
Press Releases
Album and Project One-sheets
Feature Articles
Premium Press Kit Preparation
Grant and Donor Solicitation Writing
Do-it-Yourself Press and Radio Campaigns
Graphic Design Services
Music Business Education
Artist Management

If you are looking to take your career in the business to the next level with a 360-degree company who understands the ins-and-outs of the industry, and at a price you can afford, please contact Artist Production and Development at

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