D-PRIEST's Words as Weapons

“If your real focus is high energy & solid talent, you’ll dig down deep into D.’s rap & come away with some “real knowledge” of what can be done when true artists gather together to put a vision out that includes everyone, but will leave the hardheads in the dust…This an album that will cause “mass reconstruction!”
-Dick Metcalf, aka Rotod Zzaj, Lacey, WA

Inarhyme Records is pleased to announce the October 16, 2012 release of Words as Weapons, the extraordinary new CD by Michigan-based rapper and poet D-PRIEST and featuring alto saxophonist Dane Bays. With an additional supportive lineup of Dane Bays, Mark Cooper, Frontpayg, JMac, JSoulonfire, KX, Nomercy, Dena Pruitt, and Wax, the record shows how hip hop and rap has grown up, both musically and in message. Veteran producer JSoulonfire produced the hard-hitting set.

Words As Weapons is quite a departure from his jazz-based work as a leader with the American Music Project, but still shows the type of deep artistry and hard auto-biographical reflection for which D-Priest has become known. On the acclaimed rapper’s latest outing, the selections range in style from exuberant and hard-hitting to elegant and sophisticated, yet never sacrifice D-Priest’s patently honest and heart-wrenching presentation.

Born and raised in Saginaw, Michigan, D-Priest unleashes a powerful and diverse set on his latest outing. Words As Weapons is full of hard-hitting thematic jams such as “They Say”, an anthem for the wisdom that comes with getting age, and “I Know”, a critique on the common braggadocio in much modern rap. There are also emotionally-riveting dedications such as ” Queen” and “My Burning Torch” Even with the variety of sounds and styles, the one common denominator is a hopeful message and D-PRIEST’s encouragement to stay open and think, and to enjoy.

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