• Is Quality Still King?

    It’s the mournful swan song of the accomplished and striving artist and producer, that things just ain’t what they used to be in music.

    With the transformation of the music business through technology and the equalization of the artistic playing field (once the domain of the major labels), we’ve come to experience an immense saturation of music in the marketplace. Everyone from the big marquee superstars to your Aunt Margaret’s Wednesday night volunteer Church choir (nothing against that in itself) can vie for their piece of the proverbial pie, releasing CDs and digital downloads, setting up tours and performances, even hiring publicists and other personnel to help them infiltrate the industry.

    But commercial success is neither here nor there as to artistic abundance or dearth of the artist. There are still many unknown, accomplished and deeply-talented performers doing their thing out there who have achieved musical excellence in their output, but have escaped any widespread popularity. They need to be respected for that. The same thing could even be said for some genres. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper. Inquiring and discerning minds need to know.

    It’s about what one chooses to embrace. Production and presentation quality is still and will remain key for us at Inarhyme. Music is still an aural phenomenon and it should first sound good, especially if the goal is to get any kind of meaningful traction in reaching audiences. We still believe the cream goes to the top, and foundation is key. At least it seems to be the case with multi-decade career artists who survive and sometimes thrive irregardless of the changing face of fad and trend. It is usually their Music, capital M, that keeps them around.

    Amidst the undeniably viable questions for those who must market and sell the music, such as how does a performer look and act, if they have sex appeal, what is their fan base, and so forth, it’s still okay to also care if they sing in tune, uniquely and honestly interpret a song, and, in sum, can be held to heightened musical standards. Can they play? Really play? Can they really sing? At what level? Do they have their own individual voice? Do they understand music? What does their music really say and how potently does it say it?

    It may not matter to everyone and it may not result in superstar status, but quality is still king for those who love the innate expressive power in music; for those who want something that lasts and gives as graciously internally as it does externally. For those who may be more interested in just the image, the lifestyle, or the money, there’s no judgement here. Except that you might be missing out on a lot of fun.

  • The Capital M.

    Imagine a Utopian world where the music, the capital M, mattered most.  Talent is rewarded on the basis of its own merit and an artist is free to just create, live, and breathe their art, minus all the music business stuff that gets in the way.

    Now imagine that world is gone.  Because it is and, in fact, it never was.

    It’s something passed on to students for years, and still is.  Presentation.  If you take an rare and beautiful Monet painting and put it in a frame from Wal-Mart, and then hang it in your house at an inappropriate eye level in a space with poor lighting and aesthetics, it will appear cheap.  If you take a mediocre painting from an unknown artist but spend money in getting the perfect frame and then strategically place in your house in the best possible place, it will appear expensive.

    No doubt that the extra-musical considerations can weigh quite heavily, and while ones presentation and packaging isn’t generally the passion of the consummate artist (often it is quite the opposite feeling) it is increasingly from the whole of the musical brand.  So rather than sit around and pontificate bitterly about the dreaded state of the industry, it’s better to take an honest look and then take control and take action.

    For instance, beyond the substance to back it up, marketing materials are one of the most important components an artist or band’s branding, image, and, ultimately, success.  It’s a long known fact that many artist cut corners on the presentation of their music.  Leave the presentation to us.  Our expert and highly professional staff can help you to reach the next level in your promotional efforts.

    The music business has changed more rapidly in the past decade than it did during the preceding five.  It is no longer a stagnant, inflexible model but is instead continually evolving, often unpredictably.  The reality of it is that it moves so quickly that many artists, respectably more interested in the art, can’t keep up and end up employing tired old school PR and marketing techniques that don’t translate well to the modern industry.

    The idea is that dedicated artists and bands spend countless hours by themselves and with others perfecting their craft, already all-consuming,  fall short of their dreams because certain essentials aren’t in place is really sad.  Unfortunately, today’s industry does not reward talent alone. There are so many other parts to the notion of “getting there” as they say.

    Traditionally, different specialists have fulfilled the various needs of the artists from management to PR and from x to x.  Unfortunately, this can add up to significantly larger fees than one would get if they could bundle the services.  This 360-degree model is what we specialize in, which is to say that we aspire to take an artist from coffee shops to stadiums, professionally speaking

    a music world that was once more conducive to one being a specialist, i.e. either a promoter, or publicist, or manager is now one where industry execs and the musicians themselves must wear many hats and a place where one can go that has to expertise in all areas becomes a commodity, since buying in packages rather than ala carte should save money in any market.

    Inarhyme Artist Services is a subsidiary of Inarhyme Records, a top-shelf record label producing artists and projects across a wide variety of genres, from jazz to folk to pop and rap.  You’ll receive the same attention to detail in the preparation of your materials that we out into our critically-acclaimed projects.

    Review our work at www.inarhyme.com.  If we seem like a. good fit, contact us with your needs, wants, and dreams for marketing your band at its full potential.  For questions or inquiries, email us at info@inarhyme.com.

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