Inarhyme Records, LLC (pronounced in’-a-rhyme) is an artist owned and operated record label and production agency featuring some of the greatest creative voices in music today. Acting on the conviction that the arts possess the power to bridge societal and cultural divides, the company’s mission is to present music that is both artistic and communicative to an expanding audience–from the average listener to the most educated artist. In doing so the label’s productions often go against the traditional paradigm of genre-specific recordings in order to encourage a cross pollenization within both the music and audience, while pushing the envelope of how music is created and perceived. Eschewing the categorizations, jazz, soul, rap and world music are brought together on various recordings in a vision of one music appealing to many people.

Founded in 2009 by renowned pianist/composer Dr. Keith Javors, an iconoclastic figure in music and jazz pedagogy, an innovative force as a producer, pianist and educator, Inarhyme is dedicated to the fair treatment of artists and integrity in the artistic process. The label’s commitment to the highest musical and production standards, utilizing the most current mediums and technologies while retaining an emphasis on the presentation of the physical CD as an authentic historical artifact, has already resulted in the production of several excellent discs with superb sound, exquisite artwork and informative liner notes from major writers. The breadth and depth of the music on these debut CD’s point to a bright future for the label and those who are bound to be affected by its message.

Inarhyme Records has already garnished exceptional praise, its records placing on several end-of-the-year lists including the Top 10 Innovative CD Releases of 2009 by the Chicago Tribune. The company has sponsored concerts in The United States and Europe, including at the International House of Music in Moscow. Inarhyme also includes an educational component, offering quality instruction and clinicians to individuals and schools across the globe.

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